THE MAST OF FREEDOM  was raised in commemoration of the 96th anniversary of Polish independence, the 70th anniversary of Poland’s first free elections and the 10th annivesrary of Poland’s European Union entry.

The Mast Of Freedom was founded by private individuals :

Bogdan Kaczmarek  and  Artur Nowakowski

The Mast displays the largest Polish National Flag that is proudly exposed at the top of the tallest flag pole in Poland, for 302 days of every year.

Each August 1st, for 63 days, the Polish National Flag will display the emblem of PW – Polska Walczaca (Fighting Poland), which was an official symbol  published by Armia Krajowa – the underground Second World War organization fighting against Nazi Germany. The Polish National Flag, with the PW symbol, was used during 63 days of the tragic Warsaw Uprising 1944. The German Army, in revenge for the Warsaw Uprising,  killed 200,000 citizens and turned the City of Warsaw into ashes, demolishing 85% of the city center’s structures.

Rondo Zgrupowania AK „Radosław”.  The location of The Mast of Freedom was very carefully selected and it is of great importance to the history of World War II and  the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. It is the exact border of 3 major Warsaw districts that suffered the most during  the war – Srodmiescie, Zoliborz and Wola. It is also located 100 meters from the walls of German Warsaw Ghetto, and equidistant from Poland’s oldest Powazki cementary, the Jewish Cementary and Muslim Mizar – which are today all classified as monuments of history.


THE MAST OF FREEDOM was raised in thanks to many people. After numerous meetings, presentations and analysis, this important testament to Poland, and its fight for freedom, has been realized on Poland’s National Independence Day, on November 11, 2014 and is a small symbol of appreciation to many who have fought to preserve Poland’s way of life and national identity.