THE MAST OF FREEDOM was raised in thanks to many people. After numerous meetings, presentations and analysis, this important testament to Poland, and its fight for freedom, has been realized on the National Independence Day, on November 11, 2014 and is small symbol of appreciation to many who have fought to preserve Poland’s way of life and national identity.

November 2012 – Supprorting Committee  of Mast Of Freedom

First Members of the Committee:

Zbigniew Ścibor- Rylski, General of Polish Army, AK

Edmund Baranowski, Colonel of Polish Army , AK
Jacek Kozłowski, Head of Mazovian Voyevoship
Aleksander Pociej, Senator of Republic o Poland
Father Kazimierz Sowa
Mariusz Rutz
Zbigniew Pszczulny
Bogdan Kaczmarek
Artur Nowakowski


February  2013 – Projekt design of Mast of Freedom by  Mariusz Rutz i Zbigniew Pszczulny, JSK

August 1’st 2013 –  Presnetation of Mast Of Freedom in Warsaw Uprising Museum in a front of Mrs.  Hanna Gronkiewicz – Waltz, The President of Warsaw , Vice – Presidents of Warsaw, Members of the  City Council, Warsaw Uprisers, heads of city departments offices, other guests and journalists.

August 2013 –  WARSAW Uprising Museum Board voting supporting  The Mast Of Freedom project

12 june 2014 – Building permit of Mast Of Freedom was approved

23 june – 31 october 2014 – construction of  Mast Of Freedom Masztu Wolności

10 november 2014 – official opening ceremony of Mast Of Freedom with Polsih Army honours and official donation of the project to the City of Warsaw.