Bogdan Kaczmarek – an entrepreneur since 1990 is involved in the apparel and furniture sectors. A shareholder of Big Star jeans brand, with production facilities and over 200 retail units and co-owner of 4 major furniture production companies. They include Com40 Limited, the largest Polish producer of furniture and high-end quality mattresses. ProfiM – high quality office furniture. Since 2008 Com40 Limited is also running US operations – the first example of a Polish investor directly investing in the USA. Bogdan Kaczmarek is also involved in commercial properties market within the activities of a GPG ( Green Property Group). He is a member of the Polish Business Round Table – Poland’s leading organization of business leaders since 2006, and active in charities supporting hospitals, orphanages , schools and in sports sponsorship. Mr. Kaczmarek employees over 4000 employees in Poland and in the USA.